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13th century church frescos in Nylars Church, Bornholm (Denmark)



Left: The Adoration of the Magi.Hugo van der Goes. Netherlandish. Late 15th century. Right: Wiz Khalifa


the best little details

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Inigo Aragon - Contemporary Altars (2012)

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Gondar Homiliary

This Homiliary was created in Gondar, Ethiopia, during a period of artistic flowering in the late seventeenth century. The text, a Homiliary focused on the Miracles of the Archangel Michael, combines liturgical readings with forty-nine brightly colored renderings of God, St. Michael, and the miracles related in the text. The artists were likely trained as painters, rather than solely as manuscript illuminators, and their art can therefore be linked stylistically to contemporary mural painting.

Creator: Zämänfäs Qeddus (Scribe)

Late 17th century (early Gondarine)

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my idea: adaptation of les miserables but its in haiti and about the haitian revolution


(Santo Dominguito de Val. Editorial F.T.D. Texto de F. T. D. - Impagable portada de J. Navas. Ilustraciones de F. C. Barcelona, 1931)

Feast of Saint Dominguito del Val on 31 August 


Murder of the Innocents in Bethlehem
c. 1180
Panteón de los Reyes, Colegiata de San Isidoro, Léon

Leonid Brahilovsky - The Blue Moscow, 1920th

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Robert W. Chanler, Leopard and Deer

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Fragmentary wall painting: Phaedra with an attendant, probably her nurse

Roman, 20-60 A.D.

Excavated at Pompeii, Campania, Italy

British Museum

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i miss rome so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


and i  was only there for a week!

my studio has reached peak mess