i have literally never felt so basic

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age 12

Sampling of my hypothetical blog content at age 12:

Self-insert Lord of the Rings fanfic for a half-elf named Tamuriiel.
How to write your name in elvish!
Weird theological speculations about whether or not I’ll go to Middle Earth when I die.
Why won’t my parents lay me shop at Hot Topic!????!! >____

send me an age and ill tell you what i would have been blogging about when i was that old

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Segment of Schedelsche Weltchronik (The Nuremberg Chronicle)by Hartmann Schedel, c. 1493 via Wikimedia Commons


Notre Dame de Grasse photographed by Nick Thompson. From the Musée des Augustins, Toulouse, France. 


Anonymous, French       

The Visitation, 14th century


La Salle University Art Museum

the museum i work at put me as their cover photo (me on the right)


St. Margaret of Antioch (S. Netherlands, c. 1460)

Secret Bids Guide Hopi Indians’ Spirits Home

Guerrilla repatriation. Of course the fact that it is even necessary to resort to measures such as these is disheartening, but this is still a good story about some good people.


Jörg Ruel, silver-gilt cup in the form of a partridge, Nuremberg, Germany, ca. 1600
Victoria and Albert Museum

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Medieval religion section of the Gemäldegalerie, Berlin art museum

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about giving to people

im living in new york for the summer and of course there are a lot of people who ask you for money and i’ve been sort of struggling with this but eventually i figured it out like if my brother or my sister asked me for some money i wouldnt pretend not to hear them of course if i had it i would give it to them even and since everyone who asks me for money is my brother or sister it follows just the same

and another thing is a few years ago i was walking with some friends and a priest who i very much admire and a man asked asked the priest for some money and he gave it to him and a friend then asked the priest ‘why did you give that man the money? what if he spends it on drugs or alcohol?’ and the priest said that jesus said to give to the poor not to give to the poor after you ask them with they will do with it and that might be a shit argument but

and i wont lie and say that a huge part of it is just so that i can live with myself, like i know ill have a shit day and feel like utter shite if i dont give money, if i have it, to the man who asks for some outside the subway when im headed to work in the morning, like i feel like the lowest of the low, like scum, if i walk by someone who is asking for help and pretend not to hear them and its selfish but i have to live with me

and i dont have a  lot of money. i have a lot of good things. i go to school. i work and i eat but i dont really buy myself things or anything like that. i dont know. lately i feel like everyone is my brother and my sister

i hate the police and i hate the system that protects them


Today’s discovery - mosaic from the Casa del Drago,Kaulonia, Southern Italy. Amazingly, it’s 3rd century BC!

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