I guess I remember what it was like to not be furious all the time I think


Pintoricchio - Saint Catherine of Alexandria with a Donor (probably about 1480-1500)

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Thousands of Kurdish refugees have crossed the border into Turkey to avoid the threat of ISIS occupation in Kobane, Kurdistan/ Syria, fleeing the imminent attack by Islamic State militants who have seized dozens of villages close to the border and are advancing on to Kurdish towns.

The refugees were forced to wait for several days in Tal Abyad while Turkish authorities considered their fate. The border was opened around Friday noon.

About 60,000 Kurds have crossed into Turkey in the past 24 hours, a deputy prime minister said on Saturday.

my god these people were just trying to live their lives I’m so furious

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"In 100 years we have gone from teaching Latin and Greek in high school to teaching Remedial English in college."

Joseph Sobran (1946-2010) American Journalist  (via philosophicalconservatism)

This makes it sound like English is dying out because it was replaced by Latin and Greek.

In all seriousness though, how many schools taught classical languages 100 years ago? Definitely not the one room schoolhouses my grandparents and great-grandparents attended out here. My grandmother didn’t even wear shoes to school. That was the American West in 1914. They weren’t learning Latin, and most of the boys were leaving school semi-literate when they were brawny enough to work the fields.

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tru and also this kind of academic snobbery is why it’s almost impossible for anyone who didn’t attend a fancy schmancy private or public school where Latin and Greek were taught to succeed as an undergraduate or higher in classics or a related field. unfair and gross that these kind of gateways are set up so early in student’s lives

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"The Jewish people fell from the heights because of their faithlessness and condemned their Redeemer to a shameful death. Their godlessness has assumed such forms that, for the salvation of our own people, it becomes necessary to prevent their disease. Besides usury, through which Jews everywhere have sucked dry the property of impoverished Christians, they are accomplices of thieves and robbers; and the most damaging aspect of the matter is that they allure the unsuspecting through magical incantations, superstition, and witchcraft to the Synagogue of Satan and boast of being able to predict the future. We have carefully investigated how this revolting sect abuses the name of Christ and how harmful they are to those whose life is threatened by their deceit. On account of these and other serious matters, and because of the gravity of their crimes which increase day to day more and more, We order that, within 90 days, all Jews in our entire earthly realm of justice—in all towns, districts, and places—must depart these regions."

Pope St. Pius V (From his Bull, “The Jewish Race,” Feb.26, 1569; PAC, p.648)

praying for the people who reblogged this—from a blog called jah fuhrer no less—with anything other than condemnation of this sentiment in their minds

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Wing Brooch

2nd Century AD


(Source: The Metropolitan Museum)

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ugh my friend has some guests staying over in our house for a for a conference which is fine in and of itself but omg why do men think it’s okay to walk around in just their underwear

??! literally you have never been here before and only know one person in the ten person (all female!) house and you’re going to walk around in boxer shorts? like you couldn’t even put a shirt on???!!

having trouble coming to terms with the fact that I don’t want to go out and party anymore

like when I was a freshman I did and now that I’m a senior I don’t what does this say about me?? how can I now be the kind of person who doesn’t go out and party

justcuriousabout asked:
Hi, I am very impressed with your blog, and would like your input on something. I am running a Vampire game set in Hungary 1 year before the Mongolian invasion. I was wondering what other ethnicities would be present in the area?


you’re doing a game about VAMPIRES

But you need to fact check “other ethnicities”?

… ethnicities….other than vampire?


OMG SHUT UP literally what is the matter with the person running this blog


TURA, Cosmè
Eleonora of Aragon
Tempera and gold on vellum, 240 x 160 mm
The Morgan Library and Museum, New York


Horae ad usum romanum (c. 1401). [x]

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My apologies for the hiatus, folks.


After a brief vacation, we are back in action, and thesis season is upon us!

thank god


Relics of the Passion conserved in the Roman Basilica of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme

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Ingeborg Psalter
c. 1195
Manuscript (Ms. 9), 304 x 204 mm
Musée Condé, Chantilly



While there is a lot of appropriate rage about Ferguson right now, the killing of John Crawford, III is getting less attention than it deserves. I put Shaun King’s tweets and history lesson on the matter in chronological order for easier consumption.


Autopsy and video show John Crawford shot from behind in Wal-Mart

Witness in murder of John Crawford changes story

You really should be following Shaun King on Twitter.

The John Crawford story makes me so angry.

this is not usually a space where i share stuff like this but i gotta tell you all of this is true and ive had enough

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